Ambient Light HDR

Photography By Brian Rodgers Jr.

Hello everyone, I know it’s been quite some time since my last post. I’ve been prepping for some large shoots that I have coming up in the near future. Having said that, I wanted to talk a little about my approach to HDR photography. Like it or not, HDR or (High Dynamic Range) photography has been getting a lot of attention over the past few years in the world of digital SLR photography. Some people love it, and some are just plain sick of seeing it. Though it HDR photography has only been around for a short period of time, the ability to see HDR has not. That’s right. Did you know we see high dynamic range everyday? In fact, our eyes can see about 11 f-stops of light; far more than the “correct exposure” of a digital camera. This is why HDR has become so popular. High Dynamic Range photography allows us to capture what we see in real life. There are typically two types of HDR photography seen today. The “real world” approach and the “fantasy” approach. Both have their share of fans. However, I personally enjoy the real world approach.

In the gallery above (click on the image), you will see two examples of real world high dynamic range photography. One image shows an interior of a home, and the other is an exterior of a landmark area in Bentonville, Arkansas. The important thing to note here is the quality of light, the highlights, shadows and details of the image. I usually bracket for 5 exposures to capture my HDR images. Also notice that the images look natural, not fake. These images were taken using only the natural ambient light of the scene. I will only use strobes when needed, such as product photography or interior images that need better quality light. But in most cases, I like to use natural light for these types of shots.

Look at the before and after images. The “before” images demonstrate what the camera sees as a correct exposure. And the “after” images are what I know to be true in the scene. As you can clearly see, HDR can really bring your images to life. The market has become saturated with the typical fantasy look that is associated with HDR. But the great thing about this type of imagery is that it has so many forms. You can still use it without falling into the same category as everybody else.

In closing, I hope to post again soon. I will be busy with some wedding shoots over the next couple of months. However check back for some selected images from those shoots. Until next time, keep rockin’


Brian Rodgers Jr.

Brian Rodgers Jr. is a commercial advertising photographer based in South Bend Indiana. Brian has a wealth of commercial photography experience photographing everything from commercial portraits, RVs, large commercial vehicles, product and food photography, to multi-million dollar mansions. Furthermore, he has created brand images for national companies and his work has been published in various national and international publications including Photoshop User Magazine, Dentaltown Magazine, Incisal Edge Magazine, and the popular web based show "Photography Tips & Tricks" produced by Kelby Media Group to name a few. Brian’s overall body of work demonstrates a real cultivation of skills behind the lens as well as a wide array of cutting edge post production techniques. He provides his clients with exceptional images and ensures customer satisfaction through his relentless work ethic. Brian is not just a photographer, he is an artist. Retouching his own work allows him to deliver a product that reflects his vision as an artist. And his clients are never disappointed in his abilities to produce consistent, compelling images. Fun Fact: He shot his own portrait