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Digital Art That Rocks - Photoshop Compositing Tutorial In Production | Midwest Commercial Photography

Hi everyone! This is just a quick update from the studio let everyone know that I have started production on the first ever Digital Art That Rocks Photography/Photoshop Tutorial on compositing and digital lighting. I'm really excited about this project and I hope it both inspires you and helps you in achieving your goals in becoming better and more knowledgeable at your craft. This course will be a full length paid tutorial sold exclusively on 

I don't have an exact release date since we've just started production. I'm hoping to have it available for purchase as soon as possible. For updates, stay tuned to the Digital Art That Rocks blog.

Brian Rodgers Jr. | Commercial Photographer/Digital Artist | Digital Art that Rocks LLC | Contact Brian
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Following Your Intuition As A Creative Entrepreneur

James Hetfield, the man himself, sat down with us at Guitar Center in San Francisco. In the small room, he shared stories about becoming a musician, rising to fame, and even played a bit. All the while, customers continued to shop in the store, having no idea it was James playing.

"Music was the voice I didn't have" - James Hetfield of Metallica

Whether your a fan of Metallica or not, this interview with frontman James Hetfield is a great source of inspiration for creative entrepreneurs looking to pursue their creative passion, and pave their own path to success. James Hetfield's success with heavy metal band Metallica stemmed from the vision he had for his life. Throughout his career the road to success has been full of set backs, but drive kept him going.  

Metallica is the band that changed my life and is a huge reason why Digital Art That Rocks exists today. Metallica both as musicians and individuals have taught me how to keep that fire alive inside while simultaneously being patient at the same time. Being a creative entrepreneur is all about tenacity, drive, and following your intuition.


Brian Rodgers Jr. | Commercial Photographer/Digital Artist | Digital Art that Rocks LLC | Contact Brian
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Meeting Joel Grimes | Brian Rodgers Jr. South Bend Commercial Advertising & Product Photography | Digital Art That Rocks

Chances are, you've heard of Joel Grimes or the "Joel Grimes Look." And rightfully so, Joel is a pioneer in the photography industry and has created a look that just about everyone has tried to replicate at some point in their career. Joel Grimes is undoubtedly one of the hardest working photographers in our industry today. This is a guy who truly loves what he does for a living. He has had over 30 years of experience working as a commercial photographer and has on created some truly iconic images & worked on major ad campaigns. I was lucky enough to have to opportunity to meet him at a recent seminar in Indianapolis a few months ago. 

Joel's seminar was a full day packed with inspiring stories, photoshop techniques, and marketing advice. He was such as genuine guy. My goal is to be kicking as much ass as Joel does when I'm his age. Even with 30 years in the field, he's continues to try new things,  and pursue his vision as an artist. He's not afraid to explore and push the boundaries of what photography can be. Do you know why he works this hard? Because he loves what he does. Wouldn't the world be a better place, if everyone was doing what they loved for a living? But to get there, you've got to work for it, you've got to put the time into your craft.

Key take aways; Build a body of work consistent with your vision, be persistent, and work your ass off, great things will happen! If you ever get a chance to see one of Joel's seminars, I highly recommend it. You will be inspired to say the least.

Thanks for a great time Joel, it was a pleasure meeting you.


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Paul C. Buff Has Passed Away | brian rodgers jr. |Digital Art that rocks Blog |south bend commercial photography

In case you haven't heard the sad news, Paul C Buff has passed away. Paul was a true pioneer in the photographic community. His company makes (in my professional opinion) some of the best professional photographic lighting equipment available in the industry today.

I have a lot of respect for Paul. He's a man that has stayed true to his vision and craft. He has always done business as a factory direct company; meaning you could only by Paul C. Buff products directly through his company. No middleman. No other companies selling the his products at a higher price or muddying the water. He also kept his company relatively small; under 50 employees. This allows for better internal communication, and of course top notch customer service. 

Though I've never met him, in a way, I felt like I knew him. We had a lot in common. My condolences go out to his family, friends and colleagues at Paul C. Buff Inc. Paul will be missed. In the words of the film The Sandlot, "Heroes get remembered, but legends never die."

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Here is a link to a beautiful obituary written by his wife: