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Why Professional Portraits Are Important In Today's Digital Marketplace | Digital Art That Rocks LLC | Mishawaka, IN

 Why Professional Portraits Are Important In Today's Digital Marketplace | Digital Art That Rocks LLC | Mishawaka, IN


In todays world, a large majority of "first impressions" are often digital. Both professional & business related interactions often start online whether it’s through a company website or social media. Your professional headshot goes a long way in delivering a consistent digital identity & personal brand across all platforms that you choose to utilize. A professional headshot can help you establish credibility & trust when you’re connecting with other professionals on social media networks like Linkedin. Approach these digital interactions as you would any first impression.


People don’t buy from companies, they buy from brands. Everyone has their own personal brand. Even if you work for a large company, sales are often generated as a direct result of a one on one interaction with a personal brand within that company. Whether you’re happy in your current position or you’re looking for new career opportunities, your personal brand is the catalyst for professional growth.

The Proof Is In The Print - The Official Digital Art That Rocks Print Portfolio


The Proof Is In The Print. See the Digital Art That Rocks difference. In person. On Point. In Print.

After meticulous planning & countless hours of production, the official Digital Art That Rocks Print Portfolio is now complete! This is the real deal folks. I printed this 11x14 book in house using my large format Canon printer then bound the images together in this custom stealth branded, black acrylic. Printed on premium double sided matte paper, this truly is, imagery you can feel! #LikeACraftsman

Commercial Photographer/Digital Artist
Commercial Photographer/Digital Artist
Commercial Photographer/Digital Artist
Commercial Photographer/Digital Artist

Contact Brian today if you're interested in seeing what commercial photography from Digital Art That Rocks can do for your business!

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Amazon Product Photography | Digital Art That Rocks LLC | Midwest Product Photography


Do you want to know a great way to help sell your products on Amazon? The Answer: Have great product photography! Better product photography can lead to more online sales whether you're selling your products through or through your own e-commerce platform. 

Here is an example of a product I shot a while back. It's simple & clean; perfect for e-commerce.

Whether you need epic hero shots with special effects, photography of your product in use, or you simply need nice clean catalog photography for your e-commerce marketing needs, contact Brian at Digital Art That Rocks LLC today!


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"Only In Twilight" Photoshop Compositing & Digital Lighting Tutorial Available Now | Digital Art That Rocks

"Only In Twilight" Available Now!

Learn how to create stunning soft light composite imagery in Photoshop! Tutorial by Commercial Photographer/Digital Artist Brian Rodgers Jr. of Digital Art That Rocks! The tutorial contains over 3 hours of content ranging from helpful studio tips, to creating amazing imagery in Photoshop.

Watch the Trailer below

Bring Your Vision To Life

This tutorial will cover a range of topics. We'll first start in the studio and talk about quality of light, touch on some lighting theory and I'll also show you how to re-create softlight in the studio.

Then we'll head over to Lightroom and learn how process realistic High Dynamic Range images, and merge seamless panoramic images.

In Photoshop we'll cover a ton of topics, like creating faux panoramic images from a single frame, cleaning up blemishes on your subject, creating realistic shadows & digital lighting techniques. 

Check Out the Full Tutorial

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Professional Photography Doesn't Matter...Until It Does | Midwest Commercial Photography | Digital Art That Rocks LLC

Professional Photography Doesn't Matter...Until It Does...

Remember the less than impactful product shots on your booth at the tradeshow product launch? That photography didn't matter....until it did. Let's face it, people looked at your booth and turned their attention elsewhere. Why? Sure, it's possible that just maybe they took a left turn to connect with an old colleague. Or perhaps it's because your visuals were terrible and didn't engage your audience.

Food For Thought

Regardless of whether your food was prepared by a chef or a cook (and yes there is a difference), when you order food from a restaurant, you "eat with your eyes" first. Your brain first makes a visual assessment and determines if it’s something you're interested in eating before you take the first bite. The same principle applies to your products and services, whether you're advertising in a magazine, billboard, or online. The fact is, imagery is the first visual to capture someone's attention in an advertisement. Great brands already know this and which is why they make commercial photography a priority in their marketing & advertising plan.

Spend Money to Make Money

Somewhere along the line, if you are in business, you have to spend money to make money. For some reason, small businesses seem to put commercial photography at the end of their To-Do list when it comes to their marketing and advertising efforts. Often times, they simply purchase cheap stock images to “save money.” But here's the thing, advertising for the sake of advertising is not necessarily good advertising. Think about it...How many bad tv and web commercials do you see everyday? How many terrible images do you see in billboards, and magazines? What does that say about your brand? How many times have you noticed competing companies using the same stock imagery? Sadly, it happens all too often. If you're going to place a media buy without first investing in your concepts and visuals, you're throwing your money away.

Content Is Still King

You've heard the phrase "Content Is King." This statement still holds true today. You may think that a great product will sell itself. However, in most real world scenarios, your marketing has to be as great if not better than your product or service. You need great concepts, great strategy and great visuals in order to engage your audience, & build the kind of brand awareness that will eventually lead to a consumer purchase. We are all bombarded with visual pollution every single day. Don't you think that in the occasion we see something great, we are going to stop and look at it? When you're in a doctors office flipping through a magazine, what makes you stop and look at it the ad or the article? I think you know where I'm going with this....That's right the imagery.

You may have a "functioning" website. But is your content functioning? Are you making people excited at the thought of buying your product or services? Are you making an emotional connection with your audience? If not, than your content is not functioning, therefore your website is simply existing. Again, content is king. A single page website with a compelling video or image could do more for your brand than a static, lifeless multipage website. 

So what’s your plan? How are you going to make your visuals stand out? 

The Answer Is Digital Art That Rocks!

If you create and sell products and services you need engaging commercial imagery! Through an artful process of retouching and sometimes compositing, Digital Art That Rocks LLC creates engaging commercial photography for use in advertising. Digital Art That Rocks has the experience, creative vision and technical proficiency to help you launch your next advertising campaign. Let's make something visual!

If you're interested in taking your commercial advertising photography to the next level, contact Digital Art That Rocks today! Located in Mishawaka, Indiana, Serving the Midwest

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