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Animated Gifs for Commercial Photographers | South Bend Commercial Photography

Ahhh, animated Gifs. Gotta love them right? Usually funny animations or clips from movies first come to mind. But as a commercial photographer and retoucher, I think it's a valuable way to illustrate to colleagues and clients alike, the steps that are involved in creating an impactful image. I recently found great article on how to create animated gifs and decided to give it a try. I highly recommend checking out Brian Dalessandro's Blog: 

Also keep in mind, that if you are a seasoned Photoshop user, you can also make this into an action. And if you are a Creative Cloud member using Photoshop CC, you can create a conditional action for any variables you may encounter in your own workflow. You can find more information on conditional actions at

Also note: This image was created for Firevine Advertising and Design

Have a great weekend :)