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Unique Visuals have value

Here’s the deal, having license to use unique visual assets to market and advertise your brand has a lot of value! Yes, it’s true that hiring a commercial photographer to produce unique imagery will have a higher cost than simply licensing a stock image. But consider this, why would you spend thousands of dollars on ad placement without having unique brand visuals and messaging in the first place? What kind of message are you sending to potential customers?

Advertising for the sake of advertising is not necessarily good advertising. No matter what city you live in, I’m sure you’ve seen that terrible local car dealership commercial on tv….do you find yourself racing out to their lot to buy a new car. Probably not. In fact, you may even have a negative connotation associated with that brand due to the terrible jingle and lack of visual aesthetic. Maybe if they had put their dollars into creating better content, they’d have a better more impactful advertisement?

It’s about Getting The Imagery You Need

In a previous article “Stop Using Stock Photography To Market Your Brand. Here’s Why…” I listed 3 major reasons to stop using stock photography to advertise your brand. In addition to the concepts that I outlined in that article, think about the countless amount of hours you’ve probably spent online trying to find the perfect stock image, only to find out that it doesn’t exist. So your next inclination might be to settle on something that’s “good enough.” When you hire a commercial photographer, you don’t have to settle, because you have the freedom to create the images that you really need.

In today’s world, “first impressions” are often digital. Think about how many people visit your website before they make a purchase. Most people who look at your website will immediately start making assumption about the quality of your products and services based on your visuals alone. If your visuals are subpar or generic, there’s a good chance that potential customer will make a purchase elsewhere.  

Stop Using Stock Photography To Market Your Brand. Here’s Why…

Stop Using Stock Photography To Market Your Brand. Here’s Why…


In this article, I'd like to discuss the use of stock photography in marketing and advertising. Don't get me wrong, stock imagery has its place…These types of images work great as temporary place holders when you’re in the design phase of your company’s brand new website. However, using stock imagery to market and advertise your brand is the equivalent to saying “we’re just like everyone else.” Using stock imagery can also visually communicate that you don’t value your brand. If you don’t value your brand, why would anyone else? 

Stock images are cheap for a reason.

A large majority of the world’s stock agencies make their revenue on quantity. It’s simple math really. Lower licensing fees mean that these agencies are able to license a larger quantity of images which in turn makes them more money. But what does that mean for the licensee? What does this mean for your brand? It means that the images being licensed to you are not unique in the marketplace.

Think about the basic economic principle of supply and demand. When something is less unique in the marketplace, it becomes less desirable. When something is less desirable, it usually has a lower price point associated with it. It’s the same reason why something that’s unique, premium or incredibly rare will usually cost you more.

We’ve all heard the phrase “perception is reality.” So ask yourself, how do you want your brand to be perceived? Do you want to be perceived as a company that has cheap products and services and is just like everyone else? Or do you want your brand to be perceived as an industry leader full of experts who’s uniqueness in the marketplace allows your products and services to command the fees you deserve? If your answer was to be an industry leader, than you should consider not using stock imagery to market your growing brand.

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Commercial Photographer/Digital Artist

I'm always looking for the next big idea. If you're a company doing cool things, creating innovative products and services, and have second to none customer service, I want to work with you! 

Hi there, I'm Brian Rodgers Jr. commercial photographer/digital artist and founder of Digital Art That Rocks LLC. I'm based out of South Bend Indiana and I've had the opportunity to work with clients from all over the country in various industries.

Being an artist my entire life, I'm always looking for creative and innovative new ways to create visual assets in the marketplace. If you're looking for highly creative PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY and RETOUCHING SERVICES, you came to the right place. Creative Vision. Technical Proficiency.™ Digital Art That Rocks.

Commercial Photographer And Digital Artist Brian Rodgers Jr Featured On the Cover Of Photoshop User Magazine

Commercial Photographer And Digital Artist Brian Rodgers Jr Featured On the Cover Of Photoshop User Magazine

Commercial Photographer and Digital Artist Brian Rodgers Jr. Featured on the Cover of Photoshop User Magazine - February 2018 Issue

This issue's cover  is by Brian Rodgers Jr., an Addy Award winning commercial photographer and digital artist based out of South Bend, Indiana. He's the founder of Digital Art That Rocks and specializes in product and architectural photography with an emphasis on the post-production process. Brian has crafted commercial imagery for global companies and small businesses alike through his relentless work ethic, creative vision, and technical proficiency. His rock & roll roots run deep.


The Hero Shot - Commercial Photographer And Digital Artist Brian Rodgers Jr

The Hero Shot - Commercial Photographer And Digital Artist Brian Rodgers Jr
In 2016 Brian became a part-time writer for and within just a few months became the highest rated product photographer on the Fstoppers Community

Commercial Photographer/Digital Artist and product photography expert Brian Rodgers Jr. teamed up with the crew at Fstoppers late last fall to produce a comprehensive tutorial on all things product photography. This tutorial is over 13 hours long and provides an incredible value for anyone looking to develop their skills in product photography. In this tutorial, Brian teaches a wealth of knowledge through his years of experience specializing in commercial product photography. 

We've worked with a lot of world-class photographers over the years but I am confident in saying that Brian Rodgers Jr is by far the hardest working photography instructor I've worked with. He worked at least 15 hours every single day preparing, filming, and then post-processing each of the shots for this tutorial without a single day off. We filmed this tutorial in in just seven days but it's taken us months to finish editing it. - Lee Morris