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Fstoppers Photo Of The Day 9-9-15 | Brian Rodgers Jr. Commercial Photographer/Digital Artist | Digital Art That Rocks | South Bend Indiana Commercial Advertising Photography

It is a huge honor to have been chosen again for Photo Of The Day by the team at Fstoppers.com. Here is the link: https://fstoppers.com/potd/time-traveler-0

The product shot of this watch is the result of hours of meticulous post production. I focus stacked about 35 frames and also manually masked areas to get the entire watch in focus. It required a lot of cleanup, when shooting macro, you will see every spec of dust imaginable. I titled this image "Time Traveler" because of the amount of time it took to produce the image made me feel like I traveled in time. The time flew by working on it, because I absolutely love what I do!

If you're a photographer, check out www.fstoppers.com Those guys rock! Great contributing authors, great information. I'd love to write for Fstoppers someday!

If you want to this image with greater detail, check out my portfolio!