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Here's a little behind the scenes look at some commercial product photography that I'm working on in the studio this week. This is going to be a really nice shot once I'm done retouching the final composite image :)


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Wide Angles and Moody Lighting

"Under the Bridge"  Photography by Brian Rodgers Jr. Commercial Photographer Digital Artist South Bend, IN

A couple summers ago I had a lot of gear rentals when I was busy shooting weddings. I rented a really wide angle Canon lens; the Canon EF-S 10mm-22mm which is the 16mm-35mm equivalent on a full frame sensor. To be completely honest, I didn't really use it much during the wedding. However, I wanted make use of it while I had it. After all, I paid to rent it, right? So I decided to shoot some self assignments involving architecture and other structures using this lens. I really loved the leading lines in this shot, and the wide angle lens really conveyed that. I originally set this up to be an HDR shot. I did some processing, wasn't really happy with my results. So I put this image to bed for about a year. Until I eventually looked through the shoot again.

This final retouched image is the result of listening to the London Philharmonic Orchestra and going through some old shoots. I was listening intently and allowing my mind to absorb what I was hearing, and in return I was creating the image you are now seeing. It's amazing what music can do to boost your creativity while working on your images. You can see the moodiness that the orchestration brought out while I was working on this. Until next time! Cheers