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Photographer South Bend | Brian Rodgers Jr. | Digital Art That Rocks

Photographer South Bend | Brian Rodgers Jr. | Digital Art That Rocks

Looking for a photographer in South Bend? I get you...You're visiting this website because you have an appreciation for commercial advertising photography with meticulous detail. You want to work with someone who works as hard as you do. In a world full of noise, great work matters more than ever. Digital Art That Rocks LLC is committed to providing client's with exceptional imagery, creative vision & technical proficiency.

Whether you're looking to take your e-commerce game to the amazon level, engage your audience with the next big advertising campaign, or simply need professional headshots business networking, Digital Art That Rocks can create the visual assets you need to succeed in the marketplace. 

I'm Brian Rodgers Jr. Commercial Photographer / Digital Artist and founder of Digital Art That Rocks. Digital Art That Rocks, LLC. creates high end commercial advertising photography, retouching, composite imagery & video production for companies that understand & believe in the value of their visual identity in the marketplace.

South Bend Chocolate Company Product Photography | Brian Rodgers Jr. | Commercial Photographer


Here's some product photography that I photographed for South Bend Chocolate Company. This series features an array of hero shots, and standard catalog photography including stand alone chocolate images as well as packaged products. These product photos are used in marketing and advertising to visually feature their products and product packaging. 


This is perhaps one of the largest panoramic images I've ever created. This wall located just behind the building is probably a good 50-100ft wide in diameter and impossible to get a clean shot of this artwork from a distance without having trees and cars in the way.


Here are some stand alone examples of individual chocolates as well as packaged chocolate product photography.


Here are some examples of some staged product that I photographed.