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Stop Using Stock Photography To Market Your Brand. Here’s Why…

Stop Using Stock Photography To Market Your Brand. Here’s Why…


In this article, I'd like to discuss the use of stock photography in marketing and advertising. Don't get me wrong, stock imagery has its place…These types of images work great as temporary place holders when you’re in the design phase of your company’s brand new website. However, using stock imagery to market and advertise your brand is the equivalent to saying “we’re just like everyone else.” Using stock imagery can also visually communicate that you don’t value your brand. If you don’t value your brand, why would anyone else? 

Stock images are cheap for a reason.

A large majority of the world’s stock agencies make their revenue on quantity. It’s simple math really. Lower licensing fees mean that these agencies are able to license a larger quantity of images which in turn makes them more money. But what does that mean for the licensee? What does this mean for your brand? It means that the images being licensed to you are not unique in the marketplace.

Think about the basic economic principle of supply and demand. When something is less unique in the marketplace, it becomes less desirable. When something is less desirable, it usually has a lower price point associated with it. It’s the same reason why something that’s unique, premium or incredibly rare will usually cost you more.

We’ve all heard the phrase “perception is reality.” So ask yourself, how do you want your brand to be perceived? Do you want to be perceived as a company that has cheap products and services and is just like everyone else? Or do you want your brand to be perceived as an industry leader full of experts who’s uniqueness in the marketplace allows your products and services to command the fees you deserve? If your answer was to be an industry leader, than you should consider not using stock imagery to market your growing brand.