"Only In Twilight" Photoshop Compositing & Digital Lighting Tutorial

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Only In Twilight Product Image.jpg

"Only In Twilight" Photoshop Compositing & Digital Lighting Tutorial

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Learn how to create stunning soft light composite imagery in Photoshop!

This tutorial is no longer available at this link. Please go to http://digitalartthatrocks.teachable.com

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I just launched an Brand New Online Classroom! It's Free to enroll and there's both FREE & PREMIUM content as well! You can now purchase this tutorial at goo.gl/8U0zC1 or by going to  http://digitalartthatrocks.teachable.com & clicking on "Tutorials"

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Going forward, I know this will give my students a better user experience and will be easier for us to connect!

Please note, I'm leaving this page up for a while so anyone with the link to this page will get the news. However, purchases through this page are disabled, you will have to purchase tutorials from http://digitalartthatrocks.teachable.com


Brian Rodgers Jr. - Commercial Photographer/Digital Artist


Turn Your Vision Into A Reality

This comprehensive 3+ hour Photoshop compositing tutorial will help you turn your vision into a reality! The focus of this tutorial is to help you build the essential Photoshop skills you need to start creating stunning soft light composite imagery. The methods & techniques taught in this tutorial are also helpful to other Photoshop users including retouchers, and designers alike.


Studio Tutorial

  • We’ll talk about lighting theory & quality of light to match the soft light qualities of our backplate
  • Brian will share studio tips on how to re-create soft light on your subject in a studio environment
  • How to properly gel a soft box
  • Bonus Video: How to make a modified C47 Clamp (an indispensable tool for any studio or location photographer)


Photoshop & Lightroom Tutorials

  • Create realistic High Dynamic Range imagery right inside of Lightroom CC
  • Merge several images together in Lightroom into a seamless panoramic image
  • How to create a faux panoramic image from one single frame in Photoshop
  • Clean blemishes off your subject like a pro
  • Knock Out your subject from it’s original background
  • Color match your subject to the backplate
  • Build realistic shadows from scratch
  • Learn how to composite dramatic skies with ease in Photoshop
  • Learn to create out of this world digital lighting effects
  • Color Grading Techniques


Practice Files Included

• Practice files for the backplate (field & sky images) are included in your download. (Please note: red bell pepper image is NOT included. This is to encourage you to photograph your own subject(s) using the methods we discuss in the tutorial). The images and files provided are a nonexclusive, nontransferable, limited and revocable license for personal non-commercial use only.


*Please make sure you have a fast reliable internet connection as file sizes total around 12GB.

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