Post Production - Retouching - Compositing

In commercial advertising photography, post production is an essential part of the image making process. High end retouching and creative compositing is equally as important as quality capture on set. Digital Art That Rocks™ founder, Brian Rodgers Jr., specializes in product and architectural photography with an emphasis on the post production process.    

See The Difference - Before & After

Use the before/after slider to compare a normal, single-exposure to a fully crafted composited and retouched image.
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Product Photography Retouching & Compositing

Of Time & Destruction. A true testament to creative watch retouching. This visual concept was derived from a Henry Ford quote: "A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time." It involved meticulous attention to detail both on set and in post production to retouch and composite this highly crafted watch.

Orthodontic Splash. From concept to execution, this image took hours of strategic planning and plenty of experimentation to create. The results are a true reflection of creativity and craftsmanship.

Time Traveler. A dramatic hero shot of a watch. This shot may look simple on the surface. However, photographing a product this close up, at this much of an angle requires additional skills on set and in post production. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to get this shot completely in focus from front to back all in one shot. The final image is a combination of nearly 50 images to achieve hyper focus throughout the product.

Beverage Photography Retouching & Compositing

Beer Retouching - Liquor Retouching - Whisky Retouching - Wine Retouching

Apple Pie Liqueur Hero Bottle.

Apple Pie Liqueur Hero Composite.

Red Wine Splash. 

Go behind the scenes with Commercial Photographer/Digital Artist Brian Rodgers Jr. as he retouches a commercial automotive photography image. More info at the Digital Art that Rocks™ Blog:

Commercial Automotive Hero Composite. I won an addy award from the American Advertising Federation for this particular composite image. This type of image requires a lot of work both in planning and production. I started by photographing a mobile kitchen unit on location in a controlled environment, using studio strobes and lighting every facet of the vehicle. Once I had all the frames needed, I then composited them into a single cohesive retouched vehicle on a white background as a standalone product image. Once I had a retouched vehicle as my base image, I then photographed the chef and other elements to create a hero composite which served as the face of an entire campaign for this product line.

Architecture Retouching & Compositing

Commercial Architecture Exterior Retouching - Architectural Interior Retouching - Cityscape Retouching

Architectural Daylight Exterior Retouching - I photographed this daylight exterior on a beautiful day in early spring in Lexington, Kentucky. What do we know about early spring? Foliage is still pretty bare from the winter months. In this image, you’ll notice a number of enhancements that helped create a much more visually engaging architectural exterior. I completely replaced the grass, got rid of the bare trees in the background and replaced them with new ones, removed the distracting power line that was right in the middle of the frame, removed a giant crack in the middle of the road and replaced the sky to add some punch. All of these adjustments make for a much more engaging and dynamic architectural exterior hero shot.

Colfax Hill Apartments Architectural Twilight Exterior. I photographed this modern urban living facility prior to it’s completion. In the before image, you’ll notice some plywood over what would be another section of glass. Creating a section of building that didn’t exist prior took a lot of time and expertise in post production. But having these post production skills enabled me to create what the architects had envisioned when they designed it. I lit this scene using a combination of ambient light sources as well as off camera lighting in order to help create dimension and further accentuate the form of the brick facade. I also enhanced the landscaping of the property and replaced the original sky with softer clouds and warmer tones. The final hero shot helps visually portray an inviting downtown environment. The leading lines of the pedestrian walkways helps lead your eyes right through the image.

Luxury Interior Architecture. This luxury bedroom is a great example of seamlessly blending natural light with flash. The "before" image is just the natural light. The "after" image has a more refined, natural airy feel because of the strategic placement of my off camera lighting. You can see that the additional lighting opens up this interior space quite nicely.

Tempe Center For The Arts. I photographed this beautiful and well designed architectural staircase at the Tempe Center For The Arts in Tempe Arizona. The red carpet on the long winding stairs and industrial glasswork were being washed away by the ambient light on the opposing side creating a really flat image. By creatively overpowering the ambient light with off camera flash and blending exposures together in post production, I was able to carve out the shape and form of the multi-level staircase and highlight the architectural features of this well designed commercial space in order to create a much more pleasing and dynamic architectural interior image.

Architectural Museum Interior. I photographed this interior museum space in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s a truly eclectic mix of past American history, and the immersive experience design of modern day. Museum spaces like this present a unique set of creative challenges including but not limited to multi-media displays that project interactive media, highly reflective surfaces such as glass cases, and of course, beautiful wood floors that cast color on everything in it’s path.

An interior image like this requires shooting multiple frames on set in order to capture the various exposures, polarizations and any additional lighting needed for post production. As you can see in the final retouched image, this shot truly benefited from exposure blending in to see the vast dynamic range of tones, a significant amount of color work to help create visual separation of each design component, compositing of polarized frames in order minimize unwanted and distracting reflections and finally retouching to remove handprints and blemishes from exhibit designs and glass cases that display and protect historic artifacts. The final shots from this series were a collection of cohesive, vibrant, well balanced architectural photography. No detail went unnoticed.

Architecture Exterior for Commercial Business. When photographing architecture, you don't always get the weather want. When a client asks you to photograph an architectural exterior at the beginning of an Indiana November, you're in store for some gloomy cold weather. Despite the circumstances, my job as a commercial photographer is to create an interesting architectural image. Nothing a one point perspective, some creative lighting and a sky replacement can't fix.

Revolution in Automation: An Industrial Architecture Interior. The concept of this photoshoot was to show that the client's facility runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week to meet the demands of their customers, despite only manning it eight hours per day. In order to creatively visualize that concept, I decided to completely cut off all of the ambient fluorescent lighting that you're used to seeing a facility like this and instead painted this space in creative lighting. 

Here's a video that visualizes my creative process for this photoshoot

Fort Wayne Cityscape Architecture. Using only a combination of natural light and time, I creatively blended multiple exposures together to create this highly dynamic city scape in the beautiful city of Fort Wayne Indiana. This image would have been impossible to create in one shot. 

Vintage Sinclair Station. This privately owned space turned vintage Sinclair gas station has aesthetic of a simpler time. I wanted to compliment that by combining soft natural light in combination with ambient interior lighting and off camera flash. Furthermore, I simplified the surrounding environment by removing a nearby lake house and distracting tree. 

Historic Mishawaka Indiana Architecture. 

Composite Imagery For Advertising

Retouching and Compositing for Advertising Imagery

Underwater Basement. This was an advertising piece that I created for a postcard mailer.


Only In Twilight. There's something magical about golden hour light. Almost as if anything is possible. In this conceptual piece, I decided that a larger than life red bell pepper in the middle of a harvest field was something I wanted to see.