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"Brian has great vision and mad skills to turn a simple idea into a creative work of art... He is a creative leader and it would be in your companies interest to hire him." - Pete Collins Photoshop Guy at KelbyOne via Linkedin


Brian has an eye for visual communications that truly transcends description. His ability to produce impactful imagery never failed to surprise or impress me. He consistently pushes the envelope of his abilities. - Jack Wilkinson of Sharp Wilkinson via Linkedin


"He is a talent with an unquenchable thirst for learning. I stake my 18+ years of Design and Art Direction by saying, Brian is by far the most gifted Photographer and Digital Artist I have had the pleasure of knowing in my career" - James Martin Senior Creative Manager 3D Design & Visualization at Walmart Stores Inc. via Linkedin

"We've worked with a lot of world-class photographers over the years but I am confident in saying that Rodgers is by far the hardest working photography instructor I've worked with."

"He worked at least 15 hours every single day preparing, filming, and then post-processing each of the shots for this tutorial without a single day off. We filmed this tutorial in in just seven days but it's taken us months to finish editing it." - Lee Morris of Fstoppers


"Brian has done GREAT work for 7Gen Construction. D.A.T.R. added the artistic vision that we needed to accurately express our corporate identity in print and digital media. Plus he's so easy to work with. Highly recommended by our team!" - Bob Farkas via Linkedin


Brian impresses you not only with the high quality of his work, but also with his work ethic. His ability to stay on point and execute when conditions are less than favorable is truly impressive and an example to those around him. To say you can count on Brian to deliver beyond expectations is an understatement. Brian's work speaks for itself. - Daryl Zernick of OnSite Health via Linkedin


"Brian's product work has really made an impression on me. In some of his most memorable shots he has combined fire and smoke with his products to produce some unforgettable finished images - Lee Morris of Fstoppers (Read it here)


"I hired Brian to do a professional headshot for my job.  I’m not a big fan of getting my photo taken and would never classify myself as photogenic.  Brian was very easy to work with.  He was very quick to respond to my request and was able to accommodate me in less than a week.  He was very professional, nice and just plain easy to work with.  His final project came within a couple days and I admit I looked great!  Would definitely look to Brian for any future photography needs!" - Ranae S.


Brian's Credentials

• 4 Addy Awards for excellence in the field of Commercial advertising Photography from the American Advertising Federation 

• Brian's photography was featured on the cover of Photoshop User Magazine (February 2018 Issue) followed by an interview.

Brian Rodgers Jr has educated photographers all around the world with his Fstoppers tutorial The HERO SHOT: How to light & composite product photography

• Brian Published one of the highest viewed free Video tutorial on beverage photography as seen on the Fstoppers yOutube channel

• Brian's work was Published in the June 2017 Issue of Photoshop User Magazine

• Brian Rodgers Jr was Featured on PDN Magazine online

• Brian rodgers jr was Featured on ISO1200 Magazine

• Product & Architecture Photography published in the September 2016 issue of Architect Magazine

• Brian rodgers jr is a Contributing writer for

• Brian rodgers jr has been Published in Photoshop User Magazine

• Brian Rodgers jr was a guest Blogger for Scott Kelby as seen here on the  photoshop insider: 

• Brian is one of top10 Photographers You Should Be Following On Fstoppers

• voted Brian's Beverage Photography Photo Of The Day as seen on Fstoppers

• voted Brian's Product Photography Photo Of The Day as seen on Fstoppers

• Featured on the popular web show "Photography Tips and Tricks" (19:00)

• Featured on the popular web show "The Grid" as seen here (at 35:12 & 1:03:15)

• Brian was Featured on the popular website for Layers Magazine

• Featured on The Photoshop Daily News

• Voted Editor of Choice "Image of the Week" numerous times by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals

• Brian is a member of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP)

Videos that feature brian rodgers jr

Here are some videos that my work has been featured in

"RC" Concepcion is joined by Pete Collins and Mia McCormick to discuss the concept of inspiration. Where do you get your inspiration from? Is it listening to music? Other photographers? Paintings? Food? Smell? The best ways to take your work to the next level is to find the things that inspire and motivate you and harness how to make it best work for you.

Promo Trailer for my product photography tutorial "The Hero Shot - How to Light & Composite Product Photography." Buy the tutorial here: Fstoppers teamed up with Brian Rodgers Jr. to produce a comprehensive photography tutorial on product photography. Every lesson includes a shooting section from start to finish and a full edit of every image. To learn more, visit

In this episode of Critique the Community David meets up with Brian Rodgers Jr. to rate 20 different product images submitted by the Fstoppers community. With a tie for first place, three entrants ended up winning a free Fstoppers original tutorial.

Brian Rodgers Jr. is a commercial photographer and digital artist specializing in product photography. He's also the founder of Digital Art That Rocks™, a company that creates high end commercial photography with an emphasis on the post production process. Watch just one of his slew of photoshop time-lapse on youtube and you will be blown away!

Read the whole article here: Fstoppers is back with a new episode of Critique the Community where we take images submitted by the community for feedback. To submit your images to future episodes head over to, sign up, and upload your own images in the next post of Critique the Community.
Uploaded by Fstoppers on 2015-09-24.
To submit your image for a future "Critique the Community" go to, upload your pictures, and keep an eye out for the next submission post: This week's video included 20 composite images critiqued by Lee Morris and Patrick Hall.
Digital Art That Rocks LLC creates high end commercial photography, creative retouching, composite imagery and video production services for companies that understand & believe in the value of their visual identity in the marketplace. For portfolio work and more info visit All Visuals & Music registered ©2016 Brian Rodgers Jr.
As a commercial photographer and digital artist, I consider myself a painter of light. Knowing how sculpt light is essential for creating form, shape, texture and mood. This is a behind the scenes look at an industrial architectural interior that I photographed on assignment.
Watch recent episodes at RC shows how to set custom banks in a Nikon camera. He also gives some insight on shooting with the Canon 70D and 1DX while in Mexico. In closing, he has a short tip on how to find mentorship when there aren't any shows or this podcast is off season.