South Bend Video production SErvices

Are you looking for a commercial advertising photographer that can create rock solid, creative commercial imagery, video production and visual assets for your website, social media, and your branding? Digital Art That Rocks™ produces brand crafted videos for companies looking to compete in today's digital marketplace. Chances are, you have a unique story to tell and I want to help you tell that story through creative cinematic video production.  


TruPay People Helping People - 30 Second Spot

Trupay - People Helping People 30 Second Spot

This was a 30 second spot that I produced for TruPay Corporation. This spot ran both on tv and online. As you can imagine, 30 seconds isn't a ton of time. That's why it's highly important to craft your message in a creative and concise manner through the use of brand messaging, dynamic B-Roll, and engaging motion graphics. 

This is a case study video that I shot and edited for TruPay Corporation. As a one man crew I controlled all cameras, lighting, audio and video editing.

TruPay Corporation Case Study Video

This was a full case study video that I created for TruPay Corporation. This video focuses on TruPay's philosophy and showcases their leadership in the HR & Payroll industry. The beauty of this longer format video, is that it's made up of a full company profile, as well as several other case study videos that were also used as short format stand alone video assets. The short format case study videos focused on real client's. Each client has their own unique story, and it's really interesting to hear them talk about how TruPays core values helped their businesses. 

This is a corporate video that I shot for Epoch Architecture + Planning. I used natural light for the entire piece, shot all the video footage, captured all the audio, and edited the final piece that was delivered to the client. I also shot the group portrait that is used in the thumbnail

Epoch ARchitecture + Planning Corporate Profile Video

Epoch Architecture + Planning wanted to convey their core values and brand message in a video format. This company profile video helps give potential clients a sense of what it's like to work with Epoch Architecture before even stepping foot in their door. Watching this video, you'll soon realize that it's not simply about the final space. It's about the process. It's about the collaborative approach between your team and their's to think, solve and create.     

Pipp Mobile Storage Systems - Case Study Video

Pipp Mobile Storage Systems are known for their creative approach to transforming chaotic storage spaces into a valuable organized assets. This case study video that I shot for them focuses on a fast fashion retail store in Grand Rapids Michigan. You'll see how PIPP's expertise in maximizing storage can truly transform the foundation of a retail business.   

This short film was made as a tribute to our fallen soldiers.

Short Film to honor Our Fallen Soldiers

This is probably one of the hardest videos that I've ever made. Not in terms of technical abilities, or logistics. This video was hard to make because of it's heartfelt content. Remembering Our Fallen is an organization that travels the country and sets up temporary memorials to remember our fallen soldiers. These displays feature both military and personal photos that families submit. The memorials help bring families together between a common bond. It's really something special and I was honored to create a video for this event during it's visit to Mishawaka, Indiana.  

Dental - Case Study Video

This is an interesting recruiting and case study video that I filmed featuring a local dental practice. Holder talks about his experience and struggles as a dentist running his own practice and how he transitioned into a career that provided him with a much better work life balance. This work life balance allows him to do the things that he likes to do including spending more time with his family and riding dirt bikes. This video was a lot of fun to shoot because of the outdoor dynamic and the dirt bike track.  

Dental - 30 Second Spot

This is a 30 second spot that I filmed for a local dental practice. This was a local spot for television and web usage.

This is B-Roll video that I shot and edited together into a dynamic sequence for the Creative Foam Medical website as a background video header.

Creative Foam Medical - BRoll Video

You may be asking yourself why this video has no sound. The purpose of this video was to create a dynamic sequence to be used as the header of the Creative Foam Medical website. This video created an engaging experience and modern design aesthetic to their newly designed website.

Gym Membership - Black Friday 30 Second Spot

This Black Friday 30 second spot ran on television as a special promotion for a gym membership. In order to accommodate a tight deadline, this piece relied on the use of motion graphics, creative typography and electronic music.